Overcoming US/China Digital Cold War

DDI Chairman Craig Warren Smith was established as a Visiting Professor at Peking University in July 14, 2020 explicitly for the purpose of organizing a network of Thought Leaders spread between US and China, in which both sides would collaborate to create ethics based alternatives to the “Splinternet” within low income nations.

The Splinternet, also called the Digital Cold War, refers to the division between China-based and US-based tech ecosystems. The staging ground for overcoming this division is not in Silicon Valley nor in Beijing but in large mid-level developing nations (India, Indonesia, Brazil, et al) which serve as the “battleground states” which will embrace one side or the other – or bring both sides into synergy. To set a framework for overcoming the Splinternet, Digital Divide Institute working with academic partners to  develop a vast community of experts in the ethics of Big Data  AI, IoT, 5G, et al.

This network of Thought Leaders, to be centered at MIT and Harvard (on the US side) and Peking University and Tsinghua University (on the China side) will formulate a scenario for 2024 in which the Digital Cold War is overcome. A possible outcome may be to activate ethics-driven strategies for the Republic of Indonesia, as a prototype battleground state.

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