Leading Stakeholders join together to bring the benefits of technology to 150 million Indonesians

Bringing Meaningful Broadband
To 3 Billion Low-Income Users
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Our People

Digital Divide Institute brings together thought leaders all over the world, capable of formulating policies needed to bring the benefits of the internet to the bottom half of world market.

Geographic Focus

Our geographic focus is Asia. Though we were born form a coalition linking professors from Harvard and MIT, we are operating in South East Asia, South Asia, and China, with the ultimate aim of integrating an Asian wide of digital economy of up to 3 billion people. ​

Our Ideas

Internet is not intrinsically a public good like air and water. Rather, it needs to be shaped in order to optimally benefit societies. Our core idea is to marry meaningful behaviour with the priorities of business and governments in nations where we operate.

Latest Update

Overcoming US/China Digital Cold War

DDI Chairman Craig Warren Smith was established as a Visiting Professor at Peking University in July 14, 2020 explicitly for the purpose of organizing a network of Thought Leaders spread between US and China, in which both sides would collaborate to create ethics based alternatives to the “Splinternet” within low income nations.

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Closing Digital Divide in the Covid Era:
Three Big Data Strategies

Covid 19 was a game-changer on the matter of closing the Digital Divide. It has produced new political will to reduce inequality in the global digital economy. Anticipating an exponential rise in Big Data, Digital Divide Institute is activating three strategies for establishing an equitable digital economy. In this new framework, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and 5G, would combine to bring data meaningfully to the bottom three billion citizens.
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Overcoming US/China Digital Cold War


Bringing Big Data into Data Poor locations


Remake “Universal Services”


Examining Starlink: Musk’s satellite network for the Covid era.

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