Meaningful Broadband

Meaningful Broadband

Meaningful Broadband

In the 9th Century, a monument to human potential was constructed, Borobudur. Looking from the sky much like a computer chip, it now seems now to be sending a message to the digital world: Today's leaders could design and deploy a global “meaningful broadband ecosystem” of products and services to unlock human development for everyone on the planet. Resisting any commercial or political bias and acting on behalf of future generations, stakeholders must set down their differences to embrace this vision before it is too late.

"Meaningful Broadband?"

That's Digital Divide Institute's model, developed and tested over 20 years in Asia for bringing the internet to low-income and remote users. Our model has three criteria:


Tied to the experience of low-income users with little formal education.


Cost of devices and software should be less than 7% of family income.


Technology must curb addiction, foster 24-7 learning and entrepreneurship.

The Five Domains of Innovation

To achieve these criteria, Digital Divide Institute works with stakeholders in six nations to activate innovations in: